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Funky lenses offers the USA's largest top quality contact lenses at the most amazing prices. We have the most fantastic range of colored contact lenses, Costume Contact Lenses,Halloween contact lenses, Zombie Contact Lense. Choose from Scary Halloween Contact Lenses,special FX contact lenses or our natural colored lenses. All our contact lenses are easy to use and we are happy to answer any questions you have about safety or how to wear the contact lenses.

Funky lenses supply with all leading brands on developing special effect and Halloween contact lenses for you to choose from at frightfully low prices! Contact Lenses take your look up a notch: imagine elevating the cat costumes with some piercing yellow cat eye lenses Why not scare the living daylights out of your friends with evil eyed contact in pit-less black and raging red. Make your character costume even more realistic with a pair of violet eyes. The possibilities are endless, look into our eyes and get Halloween Contact Lenses or Colored Contacts now!

There are many places online to buy contact lenses, but do you really know where they come from? It is very important that you are not fooled by cheap clandestine unregulated lenses that get shipped into the USA. Protect your vision by purchasing contact lenses from a reputable source safely and legally.

When it comes to purchasing Halloween contact lenses on the internet, reputable contact lens suppliers follow the FDA and FTC guidelines for prescription verication, like ourselves.

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Halloween contact lenses

Get creative with our best selling zombie lenses,cat eye lenses,
vampire lenses and witch lenses.



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We adhere to FDA & FTC guidelines for prescription verification.



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