Interview With JackSparrow4U

As the Pirates of The Caribbean character Jack Sparrow once said: “Not all treasure is silver and gold, mate.” No truer words were spoken of Instagram Jack Sparrow impersonator JackSparrow4U.

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Interview With Bokuwahyde

Joseph Zuzula, aka the internet’s favourite glampire Bokuwahyde, is popular across social media, with his own following of baby bats. Recently we were excited to interview him about his glampire alter ego and his various interests.

How to dress up as a scary clown

Scary clowns have been a popular costume since the 1990s when creepy clowns were used a lot in movies and TV series. Pennywise from It is the most popular scary clown outfit to wear at Halloween.  ...

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Can I clean and store my contact lenses in water?

We were recently asked whether it is safe to clean...

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Interview with Deby's Adventures

This month we’ve interviewed the beautiful Deby’s Adventures on Instagram. Read our interview about why she loves cosplaying as a princess around kids. 

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How to dress up as Wednesday Addams

Cosplay the emotionless child that said the famous phrase: "I hate everything". Find out how to dress up as Wednesday Addams

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Natural Beauty - How To Make Your Blue Eyes Pop (Infographic)

Why not try a soft, subtle look with your eye makeup, to really bring out your natural beauty? Our infographic highlights some effective ways you can make your beautiful blue eyes pop with natural eye makeup.
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