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Circle Contact Lenses

Circle Lenses

Circle lenses, also known as big eye contacts are a fantastic way to catch people’s attention and make your eyes stand out.  They create the illusion of a larger iris and make the eyes look a lot bigger and brighter, and they can create exceptionally beautiful eyes, suitable for Halloween, fashion events and performances.

For this reason, circle contact lenses are used by celebrities such as Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj to create a dramatic dolly eyes appearance for their music videos and develop their image and brand. Our diverse collection of circle lenses make your eyes look more defined and give you a truly adorable look.

Why choose circle contacts?

Circle contact lenses ideal for creating a unique look that’s sure to get heads turning. They’re extremely popular in Korea, Japan and China and are used by a range of Asian starlets, including Girls’ Generation and TWICE.

Celebrities in the Sates have also noticed and have started incorporating them into their performances.

If you’re after something different for Halloween this year, then combining circle lenses with your outfit is sure to make you stand out from the crowd. At, we have a huge range of colored circle lenses available, in a variety of styles and wear options.

Shop safely for the best circle lenses online

Circle lenses are a brilliant accessory that can dramatically change your appearance and create a really exciting look, however it’s important to always buy from a reputable source in order to protect your long-term vision.

Here at FunkyLenses, you can buy your circle contacts in confidence as all our products are FDA approved, as well as being shipped in a buffered eye-safe solution, ensuring they arrive protected and ready to wear.

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