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Vampire Contact Lenses

Vampire Contact Lenses With Next Day Delivery In The USA

Vampires have historically been a popular choice for Halloween every year, even before the Twilight movies reinvigorated them, bringing them to the forefront of popular culture once more. You’ll always find a large selection of creepy vampire contacts in our store, these classic accessories are ideal to complete a fancy dress costume, or perfect your look for that upcoming cosplay convention. Vampires are common in many popular manga and anime stories, so you may find that a fearsome pair of vampire contact lenses is all you need to take your cosplay to the next level

If you’re planning a classic Dracula costume then you can’t go wrong with a pair of red vampire contacts, these will cover your natural eye color with a rich, red pigment and really bring out your dark side. We have many different colors available in our inventory, giving you the chance to fully customize your look and find a style that suits you. 

However, if you’re interested in a more modern take on the Vampire legend this year, then check out our collection of Twilight contact lenses, including designs embellished with gold irises to give your costume a professional finish. 

Whatever look you desire, all our vampire contacts are non-prescription and fully FDA approved, meaning you can flaunt your stare without fear of damaging your long-term vision. Here at, we’re proud to be able to offer high quality vampire contact lenses at affordable prices, and all our products are manufactured in the UK to strict quality standards. 

Before you place your order with us, we recommend that you visit your optician and make sure your eye health permits you to wear cosmetic contact lenses. 

In addition to our beautiful range of vampire contact lenses, we also have a plethora of colored contact lenses, sourced from some of the best brands in the UK and all our lenses are very easy to use. 

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